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Chamber Ambassadors

Chamber Ambassadors

The purpose of the Chamber Ambassador Program is to serve as a resource between the Chamber and the local business community.  Ambassadors will engage in activities that will result in the increase involvement and retention of members.  This group serves as an adjunct to the Membership Committee and does not replace the Membership Committee or its mission.

The Ambassadors are the Chambers premier volunteer organization composed of high-energy, outgoing and dynamic business men and women. The Ambassadors work together as a team to increase membership retention, add new members and to improve awareness of Chamber benefits.  Ambassadors also act as hosts at Chamber events.

The Ambassadors are the Activators and the Educators; they Involve, Offer opportunities, and Understand our member’s needs so that they can grow and retain Chamber memberships.

As the Chamber grows, meeting the needs of all the members and giving them the best Customer Service is a challenge.  In order to service the membership and meet their needs the Chamber will need to know what those needs are.  The Ambassadors were developed to help give customer service to our members.  They are messengers to our members, to our staff, to our board and to our community.

Ambassadors are asked to contact members each month.  The purpose of these contacts is to make certain each member knows about and are taking full advantage of their membership.

The Chamber’s mission is to promote the economic development of Wayne County and the quality of life for all its citizens.  The Chamber is working towards continuing to ensure Wayne County is a business friendly community.  In order for the Chamber to reach its goals, its Ambassadors must be committed to the Chamber and this community.

The Ambassadors responsibilities fall under three categories- Representative, Recruitment, and Retention. 


  • The Ambassadors are an official representative of the Chamber, its members and our community.
  • The Ambassadors help serve as hosts and hostesses for all major Chamber membership functions.
  • The Ambassadors are expected to attend Grand Openings and/or ribbon-cutting ceremonies whenever job obligations will allow.
  • The Ambassadors represent the Chamber at all sponsored functions and at outside events per requests through Member Services Division.
  • The Ambassadors help organize Chamber events and represent the Chamber at many community events.
  • The Ambassadors assist in planning and conducting of other Chamber functions when requested.  This may require the Ambassador to attend special called meetings.


  • The Ambassadors are always ready to invite and introduce the benefits and opportunities of Chamber membership to businesses in our Community.
  • The Ambassadors focus on recruitment of members


  • The Ambassadors visit our members to provide constant and personal communications with the members in order for the members to gain the greatest value from their membership.
  • Ambassadors mentor new members during their first year of membership.  They contact the new Chamber members at least once a month and keep up with during the first three months and in their sixth month of membership.  They assist new members of the Chamber by officially welcoming them, reminding them of the benefits. As well as answer questions and invite them to events and programs. A strong membership base will make a strong organization and will allow the Chamber to make an impact in this community.

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