Important Update – COVID-19 Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday, March 13, 2020

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring Chamber Members are connected with timely and pertinent information as it is made available concerning the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We applaud the work of many leading preparedness measures for the health and safety of our community. We want the experts to lead the way, as we serve as vehicles to help share the appropriate information.

The resources below will continue to be great guides as these waters are navigated, and the Chamber is here to answer any questions and connect you with the appropriate steps to take.

**Ensure you are getting reliable information from sources such as these**

UNC Health Care:

Wayne County Health Department:


What can businesses due at this time?

Please reinforce good hand hygiene tips, other common-sense precautions with employees, patrons, and in your homes. General prevention recommendations for COVID-19 are the same as those to prevent the spread of flu and other respiratory viral infections.
• Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
• If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands
• Avoid contact with others who are sick
• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve, not your hands, when coughing or sneezing
• If you are sick, stay home
• Review policies, procedures and implement emergency operations plans
• Cross-train employees for key functions so daily schedules can continue relatively uninterrupted by potential absences
• Limit meetings with groups of people; opt to use teleconferencing if possible
• Recommendation of 6 feet between person to person is recommended
• Routinely clean touched surfaces (work stations, countertops and doorknobs), and have disposable wipes easily accessible
• Please do not share unconfirmed information