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Get To Know Us

Get To Know Us

The Chamber at a Glance

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary non-profit organization of business and professional persons who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic and economic progress of our community. With a cooperative membership of 500+ businesses and a staff that is committed to creating, building and maintaining a most respected and visionary Chamber organization, the return on membership investment continuously transitions from valuable to essential every day.

There are two primary functions of the Chamber of Commerce: (1) it is the leading voice for the business community, translating group thinking by its members into action, and (2) it provides leadership in solving community problems and enhancing the quality of life throughout Wayne County.

A Chamber of Commerce is an advocate for its members, not a charity nor a government entity.

Who We Are

The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce is a member owned and member-driven non-profit organization of business and professional people.  For over 100 years the Chamber members have been dedicated to enhancing the economic environment of Wayne County.  The Chamber gathers the diverse community interests together to work on common issues that affect the region’s economic health.  By fostering the development of business growth and prosperity, the entire region enjoys an improved quality of life.


“The Wayne County Chamber of Commerce exists to facilitate communications between members of the business community, to create positive action and to be the leader in bringing community members together to solve community problems and enhance the quality of life in Wayne County.”


To be recognized as a model in building collaborative partnerships that encourages business growth and sustainable community development.

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